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Every firm needs a plan

January 2022

A Happy New Year from all at LTN & Partners. So, what were the most important recruitment messages for law firms to be gleaned from 2021?

Every firm needs a plan. The biggest obstacle to hiring is the sense that the hiring firm has no clear reason for making the hire other than to fill a gap.

Your most valuable assets, your lawyers and business support, are feeling increasingly demotivated. More attention needs to be paid to getting the best out of your people. With laterals, why spend so much effort hiring and so little time helping them deliver once they join?

The most successful firms are very externally focused and cost effective. What are your core businesses? Do your clients need you to be full service? Are your costs being spent on your clients’ needs or your internal needs? How much of the week do partners spend thinking about their clients?

And diversity is critical and not only to tick a box but because it feeds into a better culture and a more dynamic and creative work force.

As for LTN we doubled in size, added an outstanding Associates team and are the only ‘recruiters’ who can help you shape your strategic goals and align those with your recruitment plans.

What also makes us different as recruiters is that we reach the candidates that others can’t, and we have a conversion rate that is double industry standards. We also can help you and the candidate write a deliverable business plan and understand the synergies and cultural fit that make for the most successful lateral hires.

A successful, safe, and happy 2022 to you all.


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