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The advantage of additional insight

May 2022

Every partner, associate, and in-house recruiter I’ve spoken to so far this year understands how unbelievably competitive the London Associate recruitment market is right now. In a market of fine margins firms that are going ‘above-and-beyond’ to work closely with their recruitment professionals will ultimately prevail.

I’ve been amazed by the number of firms that expect me to work on a search with little or no information. I get it, partners (and their teams) are busy, however the ones that do make the time and talk through their practice, goals, and vision – and provide insight that’s not on their job description or their website – will put themselves in a much better position to attract talent.

As a specialist recruiter, having this additional insight enables me to go out to the market and share a credible and real story to potential associates. I’m not saying that by having these conversations firms will definitely attract the specific associates they’re looking for, but it will certainly help.

In-demand associates need detailed information to make better-informed decisions about their career; whether a role, and the firm, is right for them. Without a complete ‘brief’ there’s a risk firms are missing out on the best talent – recruiters can’t sell what they don’t know.

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